What genre of this text above?

26. What genre of this text above?

e. Description
f. Recount e
g. Narrative
h. report
27. What is the text written to?
e. To tell the writer’s amazing experience
f. To describe the writer’s feel
g. To retelling the past events
h. To entertain the reader
28. Why did Udin go to school the day before?
e. He forgot the day
f. He wanted to study more
g. He thought that he was late
h. He had amazing dream in bed
29. What did he feel after realizing the day? He felt….
e. Afraid
f. Ashamed
g. Disappointed
h. Unpredictable
30. What do you think Udin?
e. Forgetful person
f. Intractable person
g. Interesting person
h. Courageous person

Baca Juga  The correct sentence is ....

26. f
27. g
28. e
29. f
30. e
26. genrenya adalah recount text karena teks tersebut menceritakan tentang masa lalu
27. Tujuannya adalah untuk menceritakan masa lalu
28. Udin orangnya pelupa makanya dia pergi sehari sebelum hari sekolah
29. Dia merasakan malu / ashamed
30. berdasarkan teks UUD merupakan orang yang pelupa

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